In October 2009, the club moved to its current location at the Queens Mill. The Blackburn Kick Boxing and Martial Arts Dojo is shown on the left, viewed from the entrance. The refreshment area and Sensei changing rooms are located on the far side. The dojo now incorporates all the separate training mats and boxing ring in the same room.

The separate mat areas allow all the different classes to be run concurrently. Most evenings there is a mixture of kempo, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, judo and ju-jitsu in one session. The club provides a wide variety of weapons, punch bags, crash mats, pads and fitness equipment for their students. Male and female changing rooms are provided near the entrance area along with toilet and a shower facility.


The mat areas shown above are where the main classes take part. The judo mat tends to be used for sessions that involve more throwing techniques and ground work. It measures 21 x 36 feet. The canvas mat is used mainly for kickboxing classes and sparring activities and measures 18 x 44 feet.

The ring is the central point in the dojo. It provides a safe environment for sparring sessions when all the other mats are fully utilised. The personalised matts either side of the ring allow for dedicated coaching sessions deemed necessary away from the main classes. Here smaller groups can be run in isolation and they cater for specialised training sessions.