Club History

Ray Parker founded our club in November 1970 teaching kempo/ju jitsu under the umbrella of the Tegatani Martial Arts Organisation (TMAO) at the Kaleidoscope Youth Centre in Blackburn. He was aged just 15 and in training to become one of the youngest black belts in the country. He achieved this one year later ratified by Professor Jack Holt and Sensei Phil Milner from Sheffield.

In 1976, Sensei Simon Jones joined the club changing disciplines and has been with Ray ever since.

The club has always had an open door policy with regard to other forms of martial arts and regularly exchanged and supported new ideas and other organisations. In 1980, Ray and Simon introduced Kickboxing as an additional and separate activity. It became very popular especially with people of school age who found kickboxing easier to learn.

After 25 years running the club from the Kaleidoscope, Ray and Simon relocated it in 1995 to the Albion Mill in Blackburn. They equipped the larger venue with a 1500sq ft mat, numerous bags and equipment and a 16ft Boxing ring with two mats either side of the ring adding a further 500sq ft.

In November 2004, a dedicated martial arts room equipped with a second 1500sq ft mat was opened to accommodate the growing popularity of the arts. It also has its own shop supplying Martial Arts and Boxing equipment to the public.


Over the years, hundreds of students have trained and graduated to Black belt and beyond under Ray and Simon’s tutelage. Many have progressed and gone on to successfully run their own clubs throughout the UK.

It is now one of the best equipped Dojo’s in Britain. Our club boast various training methods including Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu, Kempo and ladies self defence. We are members of both the World Ju Jitsu Federation (WJJF) and Nippon Dai Budo Kai (NDBK). In the martial arts disciplines, we provide training in weapons including kenjutsu (way of sword) and kyudo (way of bow).


We have over 60 years experience between us in the training of martial arts. If you are interested in any of the arts mentioned, please come and visit us.

You could not wish to join a safer, friendlier or a more professionally run club than that of The Blackburn Martial Arts and Kickboxing club.