Simon Jones

Sensei Simon JonesSimon started training in A.K.A. WADO RYU karate in 1974 achieving the level of purple belt. However, in 1976 he changed disciplines and joined Sensei Ray Parker’s club and trained under him at the Kaleidoscope. He was awarded student of the year in 1978 by the Tegatani martial arts organisation (TMAO). The following year he gained his 1st Dan in Kempo and attended the World Ju Jitsu Federation international course given by Dick Morris. The next year in 1980, he graded 1st dan Ju Jitsu in the same year that saw he and Ray introduce kickboxing to the club with its own syllabus.

Over the next two years Simon attended the World Ju Jitsu Federation’s (WJJF) international courses gaining second place in display in 1981 in Milan, Italy. In 1982 he also co-produced a kempo training video with Ray.

Simon sparring in 1982, executing a kick to the throat.
Simon sparring in 1982, executing a kick to the throat.

The next four years Simon continued to attend further international courses, gain Martial Arts Commission (MAC) coaching award level 1 & 2 and successfully participate in competitions. He came second in Kickboxing at the Dunkenhalgh 1984 and assisted Ray to second place in display Kyudo (way of bow) at an international competition in Scotland 1986.

In 1987, he gained his 2nd Dan in Kempo/Ju-Jistsu Ratified by both the BJJA and the WJJF. That same year he trained under Soke Munetoshi Inoue from Japan when he visited the UK.

In 1990, he became a member of the token society (sword) and co-produced the kickboxing video, ‘The Kicker’ in 1991. He taught in the Isle of Man in 1992 and attended the United Nations of Ju Jitsu course at Roses in Spain the same year. The following year he graded 3rd Dan in Ju Jitsu BJJA and went on to again teach in the Isle of Man.

He relocated the club with Ray in 1995 to the bigger venue of the Albion Mill, due to the success the club was achieving with increased membership. There they celebrated the clubs silver jubilee. The next two years Simon concentrated on raising money for charity, participate in competitions in Wales 1996 and Skegness 1997 and introduced a new training system in kempo to the club, dedicating an entire syllabus to it.

By 1998 he was a 4th Dan in Kempo/Ju Jitsu and the following year diversified again and became an A.B.A boxing coach.

The club continued to grow year on year to the point he and Ray had to open a second room at the club dedicated to Martial arts in 2004. The next year in Sept 2005, he gained his Ju Jitsu 5th dan in Liverpool from Soke Robert Clarke WJJF.

More recently in November 2006, he gained his 6th Dan Kempo from Nippon Dai Budo Kai. This rank came with the title of Shihan. Its primary definition is “One who brings water” but it is a title, used in Japanese martial arts to mean model teacher. After thirty two years of dedication to training, competing, collaboration with a mixture of the most reknowned martial arts organisations both nationally and internationally, Simon had earned the honour Ray had also acheived. It was a special moment in the clubs history to have two high ranking grades at the same club with the proven pedigree he and Ray have demonstrated repeatedly as a matter of record for over three decades.

Simon will continue defining the club’s history and direction with Ray. It is affiliated with NDBK and the WJJF participating in their annual events. He will as he as previously done, continue to collaborate with other clubs, attending annual tounaments and help in promoting all branches of martial arts.